A trusted partner to represent your products and services in Argentina

ADILAT uses a professional approach to customers, competitors, members of regulatory bodies and company colleagues. We expect respectful interactions, consideration for cultural diversity and nondiscriminatory behavior toward people. We perform honestly, portray situations and products accurately, and make constructive contributions to discussions about problems and solutions. We observe the applicable laws and regulations at all times and adhere to company ethics policies.

ADILAT complies with the laws of international governing councils and the local laws of individual countries when conducting business and representing our customers to to end user clients.

ADILAT expects ethical behavior in a competitive environment.  We support fair competition. We compete on the basis of accurately representing products and services of ADILAT and our clients.  ADILAT always performs in good faith.

ADILAT quotes prices clearly without hidden charges.

ADILAT represents only safe products that are suitable for their intended use and work as claimed.  ADILAT is committed to the companies we represent and to our clients/end users to ensure expertise, timeliness, and quality end results for the equipment, maintenance, parts, and other services provided.  We provide excellence in customer service to resolve problems objectively and apply appropriate solutions.

ADILAT respects the privacy of customers and safeguards their data.  We follow privacy legislation regarding data, its use, and destruction after the intended use is complete.