ADILAT developed into a renowned and efficient Aviation Consulting & Services provider in Argentina and neighboring countries by consistently delivering high quality work.  We stress professionalism in all aspects of sales and service.  We pride ourselves on handling client emergencies by delivering  “just in time” work to meet the client's needs.  By attending to the clients' requirements we are able to provide assistance to keep their aircraft operational and airworthy.  Our ability to respond to a broad range of service and maintenance is the result of strategic agreements with companies that share our commitment to excellence.

Commercial Operators

  • Engine Maintenance Programs
  • Pratt & Whitney JT-12
  • Pratt & Whitney PT6 Series
  • T-56/501 engines- all series


  • Consulting Contract with Argentine Air Force's program,  “Base Aérea Parana”, to train their maintenance people on TFE-731 MPI inspections. Program included tooling provisions as well as training.
  • Later stages contemplated building refurbishment so they may comply with international shop standards. This program was later replaced by sending engines to overseas.


Commercial Operators

  • Aerolíneas Argentinas
  • Austral
  • LADE
  • Non regular passenger and cargo operators

Private Fleets

  • Maintenance, repair and overhaul shops throughout Argentina

A trusted partner to represent your products and services in Argentina

Government Operators

  • Argentine Air Force
  • Argentine Army
  • Argentine Navy
  • Fadea
  • Gendarmeria Nacional
  • Prefectura Nacional
  • Presidencia de la Nación
  • Policía Feder
  • Policía de las Provincias
  • National Government offices
  • Direcciones de Aviación de las Provincias

Aviation Engines

  • General Electric CJ 610
  • General Electric CF700
  • Rolls Royce Spey
  • Honeywell TFE-731-2B/-2N/-40
  • Honeywell APU  GTCP 36-4A
  • Honeywell TFE731-2-2B and 2N engine programs. These are installed in the Lear Jet and Pampa trainers from the Argentine Air Force.

Diego Ariztegui is interviewed by Hector Piro of "Volando Por TV" which is broadcast on Argentina's Fibertel Cablevision TV show, "elGarage".